Hitech Signature Crate Engines

3 stages of performance at one price!

All of our customers have been requesting the same thing. They want a Hitech custom engine at a crate engine price, and we answered with these performance builds:

Stage 1 engines: smooth idle, smooth transition from idle to maximum rpm. Can be used with a stock converter or in a truck with minimum fuss. Will have a broad power curve from idle to 5500 rpm. The uninformed may still be fooled into thinking this is a stock engine... Well, that is until you blow their doors off.

Stage 2 engines: medium lopey idle. Comes on with a hard pull from 2000-6000 rpm. This would work best with a 2000+ stall converter or a stick car. This engine still has good street manners but it no one will mistake this for stock.

Stage 3 engines: Lopey idle. Comes on very hard from 2800-6500+. This would work best with a 3000 stall converter or a stick car. A little fussy when cold but a hoot to drive when it is warmed up. This engine will not fool anyone; the exhaust note and idle will show them you mean business.

The Hitech "Signature" series engines are significant for 5 reasons:

  1. They are offered in 3 horsepower levels for 1 price. We use the same high quality parts and change the camshaft for the desired horsepower levels. What this means to you is that if you purchase a stage 1 or stage 2 engine you can increase your horsepower to a stage 3 by simply replacing the camshaft. All of our "signature" engines have a roller cam and hydraulic roller lifters so you don't have to replace the lifters when you replace the cam and you don't have to set the lash.

  2. All of our engines have new crankshafts, new rods and new forged pistons. We don't scrimp by using used parts or cast pistons.

  3. Each engine is dyno tested before it leaves our shop. You get the dyno sheet from YOUR engine, not from one "just like it" made three years ago. By dyno testing each engine it is our proof to YOU about the power and torque that YOUR engine makes. The customer is welcome to be at our shop and watch while their engine is being run and will receive printouts of the dyno runs.

  4. We are proud of our engines and their performance.

  5. An engine core is not required for any of our signature engines. This means you need not supply us with an engine!
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