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Fast Car 1Being the largest shop in the upper midwest has some major advantages. We patterned our shop after top Nascar race team facilities with 16,000 square feet to handle the multiple projects efficiently and the equipment and staff to get it done right.

We specialize in custom fuel injection, forced induction such as supercharging, turbo charging, nitrous oxide, and building engines for stock eliminator, super stock and bracket racing applications.

Like No One Else

What sets us apart is everything is performed in house ensuring the entire project is done right. From chassis and engine dynos, to our full machine shop with the latest in CNC equipment, our staff can put the petal to the metal getting your car to perform its best.

We want a place where you can be guaranteed the horsepower increase quoted is the number delivered and when you're told a finish date, it's done on time.


Our Frequent Flyers

Our customers are the kind of people that enjoy the adrenaline rush of stepping on the throttle and feeling their head and back slammed into the seat. They also believe that there is no substitute for quality. Consequently "good enough" is not in our vocabulary. It is quality work done right or not sent out until it is.


Building The Best

We were founded with only one goal in mind; provide quality, high performance modifications for people that believe that stock is just not fast enough. There are plenty of engine builders that will "slap together" a rebuild for customers that are price sensitive, that's not us. We NEVER compromise on quality, therefore we only use high quality parts and pride ourselves on our high quality work done right the first time.


How We Got Here

It all started out when we (Bart and Brian) got together...  Brian worked for a different performance shop and didn't like the business practices.  Bart was sending his cars to Florida because no one around here could get it done right.  So like the perfect fuel mixture a spark ignited and you have Hitech Motorsport.

We've been making cars faster for over 11 years, working with race teams and car enthusiasts alike, and enjoy each project from the first turn of the wrench to the final touches of the tune. Let us put our years of knowledge in professional racing and street performance to work for you.


How fast do you want to go?


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Test and Tune (Dyno Rentals)
Test and Tune (Dyno Rentals)

Modular 2 Valve Power Package - Stage 2
Modular 2 Valve Power Package - Stage 2
$3 295.00

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