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Welcome to the NEW Hitech Motorsport website. We've updated our site to help you find what your looking for as well as provide information for the automotive community. Our attitude is to continue being the best performance shop in the midwest and the new site allows us to reach that goal!

FAST, MODERN, COOL, and VERSATILE: Navigation is easy on the all new Hitech Motorsport website. All primary categories are listed on the top menu bar and scrolling your mouse over each category (or clicking with a mobile device) brings up the sub-categories and content.

With the new site comes new features and abilities. Want your recently Hitech-upgraded car highlighted? We'll let you be in the spotlight. Just provide us the Youtube link, photo's, and an article write up as well as links and we'll put you on center stage!

Want to see your car club highlighted? Same deal. Want to see something on the site? Again... We'll review it and put you online! IT COSTS YOU NOTHING - Yeah, that's right: Free! Contact us today to get started!


Featured Items
Mopar 5.7 / 6.1 Hemi Power Package - Stage 3
Mopar 5.7 / 6.1 Hemi Power Package - Stage 3
$5 995.00

Modular 3 Valve Power Package - Stage 3
Modular 3 Valve Power Package - Stage 3
$8 995.00

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